LegendaryArmy (LGND)

No Clan Logo

Clan Name LegendaryArmy (LGND)
Server Must use abbreviations, see Servers
Company Unknown
Leader Unknown
Co-Leader None
Alliances None
At War Not At War


An average clan owned by 'Zodiax3', hailed from England. 

Currently recruiting new comers to help them level up faster, experianced players are also welcomed and appericiated.

Apply TodayEdit

The application goes along like:

Join a Clan that puts the LGND in your name! Like to whoop a** and collect loot? How about travelling in a group and destroying everyone who stands in your way? 

Or how about a Clan that will help you take down that one guy (or girl) who keeps killing you over and over again!

Then we need you like you need us!! We'll take the fight to them and give em a hell of a ride!!

As for now, we are the Legendary Army!!

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