Legion of fire

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Clan Name Legion of fire
Server Unknown
Company Unknown
Leader Unknown
Co-Leader None
Alliances None
At War Not At War

720 was built from the ground up we're a clan built on the strength of our members, and our great allies we also finished a war with 5 clans teamed up on us and we're not crushed we're not dead we're stronger and more united. we have the council members who are willing to help you out 720 helps noobs enjoy the game without having to pay money we do events hunts and many things to keep noobs occupied .... FOR THE LEGION!!

the current leader's is ]pyrus[ FIRE14101 and REN^IS^HERE

clan descriptionEdit

war is closer then ever 720 get to 3-3 and 3-4 and start leveling and hunting and be careful we have a bunch of company killers in this company





all sections of 720 combined - 109






  • trainee- first rank and can only be promoted upward by agreement
  • legionare- makes up half of the clan these legionares must make it past the 3 720 training test's before having this rank
  • warrior- has shown loyalty to the clan and his company but has no say in the clan
  • admiral: The rank in which lower ranks must listen to you if you achieve it but higher ranks have full authority over admirals which makes them in the middle admirals also have the ability to declare war so i will only give this rank to trusted members
  • officer: The rank in which you recieve most of the rights in the clan also has all power over admirals and the lower ranks but is not even close to full command
  • commander: a commander controls the clans diplomancy along with the general a very important rank indeed
  • general: the master of the clans nap's alliances and wars must report to council if an alliance or an nap has been broken so 720 can take note
  • council: the co leader of the clan all clan desicions was made in the council this will only be given to trusted members and will only have 3 members the leader and 2 council members
  • leader: the council of 720 not one person but the whole council leads We're on global america 2 in VRU

Rules for Clan Leaders

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