level Up

Level Up Logo

Clan Name level Up
Server Global Europe
Company Unknown
Leader -={Aftermath}=-
Co-Leader -={Assassin}=-
Alliances None
At War Not At War

Level UP

A clan for all !

Hello, If your not already in a clan or are looking for a clan to join. look no further the clan for you is Level up This a clan for all companies and has only a 3% tax

  • Must be an active user.
  • All levels Accepted.
  • This clan was made for newbies to help start you up.
  • This clan is not only for newbies high level players can also join and play in the upper maps with help from all the high level clan members.

  1. A Start of sum of 1,000,000 credits. (note: Credits delay on a 12-24hr delay)
  2. A small level of 3%.
  3. Support from me and all other clan members.
  4. A garauntee that you'l have fun.

Founding Date: 31-08-2012
Current Rank: 3274

Total Funds: 9,541,862 credits

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