Mαxιмųм Mαηlιηεss Øbtαιηεd

No Clan Logo

Clan Name Mαxιмųм Mαηlιηεss Øbtαιηεd
Server USA 3 (East Coast)
Company Mars Mining Operations
Leader →°»Ħαтεмysεℓƒ«°←
Co-Leader →★ČybεяĢøđ★←™[MMØ★]
Alliances None
At War Not At War


Clan Statement: ​​Edit

We are the protectors of MMO against any threat. We serve to protect, teach, and watch over our friends and allies. We do not tolerate failure.


Any level may apply to MMØ. Our main goal is to train young, inexperienced pilots. We do not attack other M.M.O. if you are attacked notify higher authorities. When applying you agree to the following:

1. Code of Conduct

2. Laws of the Enemy

3. Finance

4. Rank System

1. Code of Conduct:Edit

-Respect Your Clan - If you seem an active clan member its your duty to help them. Our mission as a clan is to help each other grow and become strong

-Aid M.M.O. - If you see player in need of assistance it is required that you should help them. Spread the honor & respect of our clan throughout the galaxy!

-Remember, it's a game - There are times in the game when people will get under you skin. The best thing to do is close chat, don't give a bad name to MMØ or you won't stay in for long.

-Whine - Do NOT whine in the clan. If you do you will be kicked out.

2. Laws of the Enemy:Edit

-Allies - All of M.M.O. is friendly to us. We do not attack any allies, whatsoever.

-Enemies - E.I.C. and V.R.U. are our enemies, we do not ally with them, therefore they are all free game.

-Pirates - We stay neutral in the pirate maps, no attacking unless first fired upon.

3. Finance:Edit

-Tax - Our tax is always 1%

-Uses - If someone loses their drones we help them recover from their losses financially.

-Whine - Do not ask for credits unless it's for drones.

Rank System:Edit

Elite Council - Select 10 members that make the decisions of the clan.

Member - Status for everyone else.   

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