Mandalorian Race

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Clan Name Mandalorian Race
Server Unknown
Company Unknown
Leader Unknown
Co-Leader None
Alliances None
At War Not At War

The Mandalorian Race [M*R]


Im the leader of The Mandalorian Race, we as a clan are trying to build up to a good stable clan, So with that being said we are looking for new recruits, you can be experienced or just a total noob (depending if ya think that of yourself or not). This is a VRU ( Venus Resource Unlimited) clan but we have no affliction, meaning we accept all people who want to join. Here are the Clan Rules below:
1.There will be no shooting of Members of this clan.
2.No shooting of VRU.
3.There is a 2 week probation of credits recieved.
4.If you need something I will personally see what I can do (after the 2 weeks if involving credits).
5.If you have a problem in the clan consult the CO-leader or me.

Those are the current Rules of this clan. And until I feel the need to change them they shall

stay this way. If you deside to join, we will be happy to accept you.

- Jango787070

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