No Clan Logo

Clan Name Midnight
Server Must use abbreviations, see Servers
Company Check Spelling, Not Valid Company
Leader SpinoHunter
Co-Leader none yet
Alliances None
At War none

Midnight is a clan that believes the war between the three companies is meaningless. The companies would be much more powerful; richer if we all worked together. Anyone who believes in these standards may join. Midnight's leader is SpinoHunter, a pilot who loves flying a nostromo. Members must be at least lvl. 8 and members below lvl. 10 will be given a test (e.g. popping a sib or devo alone OR having a set amount of speed or shield etc.). Members are NOT given a salary but are awarded for helping out with certain missions (e.g. helping with a quest). Members are paid according to their rank; the mission's base payment is multiplied by the member's mission factor. The current ranks of Midnight are:

  • Falcon ( for having speed above 450 ) Mission factor: 1.25
  • Harrier ( for being expert a destroying high lvl. aliens and ships ) Mission factor: 1.5
  • Vulture ( clan mercenary ) does not have Mission factor
  • Kite ( Protector of weaker members, awarded to reasonably powerful members ) Mission factor: 1.75
  • Kestrel ( Lowest rank )
  • Owl ( given to the members of SpinoHunter's personal team of pilots. ) Mission factor: 2
  • Eagle ( highest rank, title gives member authority to command other members ) Mission factor: 2.25

Server: USA East

Members: 4

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