Nefarious Oburation Leage of Aliens

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Clan Name Nefarious Oburation Leage of Aliens
Server Unknown
Company Unknown
Leader Unknown
Co-Leader None
Alliances None
At War Not At War

Nole is a clan in the server USA EAST 1, it has 4 different clans for differently leveled players. [NOLE] is Nole 1. For level 16 and up. The only way to get into [NOLE] is to be in [N@LE] which is Nole 2. You can imediatly get into [N@LE] if you are level 12 and up. [NOLE3] and [NOLE4] are the exact same except have different stats on levels. The current Tax Rate is 3%. TS is a requirement for this clan. The leader of NOLE is =Pure=Nole=. The leader of N@LE is Queen Nole.

Nole descriptEdit

Nole will not buy you a ship, if you have come for creds, go to another clan. [NOLE] is for levels 16 and up, and the only way to get in is from [N@LE] which is nole 2. You must have TS to enter.

NOLE pricing ranges
[NOLE] 3% Goliath and vengance 1,000,000,000+ creds [N@LE] 3% Goliath and Below 190,000,000 creds
[NOLE3] 3% Vengance and Below 55,000,000 creds
[NOLE4] 4% Below 35,000,000 creds

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