People of Power

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Clan Name People of Power
Server Unknown
Company Unknown
Leader Unknown
Co-Leader None
Alliances None
At War Not At War

People of powerEdit

People of Power is a rag tag clan who don't fight over scraps....we just leave them in our wake.Originaly formed to rid the universe of cats, over the years we've grown fond of these lazy creatues and now issue a kitten to each member to serve as a ship mascot. New members will be under a 2 week probation period. Our rules are simply do not attack fellow clan members nor the same company unless provoked.We are here to help you not fight your battles. All members are required to remain active, if you are expected to be away for a bit let me know prior. Your 50k clan fee will be refunded if not doubled. Our tax rate is always 5% but will be issued out fairly when needed.How much you contribute to clan tax is also taken into account before given out so new recruits need not bother asking for millions. Feel free to encourage others to join as there are few EIC clans taking on new members.If you choose to leave our clan, please message me explaing your decesion as thous who don't will have a bounty placed on them. Most importantly kill rather then be killed! Happy hunting.

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