Clan Name SARIS
Server Unknown
Company Unknown
Leader Erius1992
Co-Leader --
Alliances --
At War --
Site --

SARIS is a clan in the process of being created. It is considered by some to be a "terroristic" clan, but we are a militant organization that is highly secretive, and is currently looking for members. We have determined to protect any and all members from other clans.


  • 50,000 credits initation payout
  • Weekly payouts based on rank
  • If in a war, we will give members money to purchase a better ship
  • Protection from any and all clans
  • Retaliation against any clan
  • Easy to rank up, and special awards
  • Fellow brothers will stand up for you
  • We welcome newbs, or veterans

History Edit

We created this faction to help our members to stay protected, yet become a dangerous adversary. We were created by erius1992. When this faction was created, it was designed to protect member parties, and outfits. It quickly became something it was never intended to be, a "terrorist" organization. But SARIS is dedicated to do anything to protect its members and assets. What probably made many people angry is the fact that SARIS was attacked, and some people who do not belong to a clan got caught in the crossfire, and were destroyed.


SARIS currently has 3 members.

erius1992 (Clan Leader=Overlord),

-Enslaved_238- (Minister of Intelligence),

smashplaya(Minister of Defense).

We are currently looking for members who are not afraid to go to war, due to us currently in a war.

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