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No Clan Logo

Clan Name Smote
Server Unknown
Company Earth Industries Corporation
Leader Unknown
Co-Leader None
Alliances None
At War Not At War

Smote FE clanEdit

Welcome to the smote clans home page. This clan was made for a purpose, that was to keep battling until the end. We work together and never give up, until we have achieve our goal.So if you think your the kind of person who will not give up, then send an app. This clan has a set level agreement and policy. You MUST be able to solo a bbk with you Lcb-10 (x1) Only.

Owner Of Smote: J0mpSt0rt 

Co-Owner: »σιîvèŗ•ţħè•ĸîιιå«™

Clan Leader L2: Evolution_Commander

These members of the clan are VERY oftenly online. Feel free to whisper any one in the clan asking to join. Your request will normally be accepted between 1 and 2 days! 

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