Green dragon

Clan logo

Clan name The Aspects of Legend
Clan tag [LGND]
Founding date 25/4/2014
Clan leader -Vengeance_Master-
The Aspect of Mercy Giga_Volt
Company affiliation Venus Resources Unlimited
Tax rate 1%
Recruiting status Recruiting
Server Global America 2

Clan textEdit

If you want to join this clan then you need to have positive honor.

After you join this clan you are not allowed to shoot players from VRU unless provoked. If caught doing so then you will be kicked out. Shooting at Outlaws is allowed.

Do not expect to receive credits the first day you join. You need to earn the clan leader's and The Aspect of Mercy's trust before we give you any credits.

If your clan wants to wage war against this clan then please contact the clan leader or The Aspect of Mercy (Giga_Volt) before doing so because we are ready to kick out members who started the war.

Logo downloaded from:

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