The Epic Drone Clan

No Clan Logo

Clan Name The Epic Drone Clan
Server Must use abbreviations, see Servers
Company Mars Mining Operations
Leader declanbobdeclan
Co-Leader None
Alliances special operations forces 2

damage incorperated damage incorperated 2 demons kill u

show no fear

At War we are eic

The Epic Drone ClanEdit

Hello, fellow pilots. This is The Epic Drone Clan. We are accepting lvl12 and up. Please do not send a blank app. If you are not lvl 12 and would like to join, talk with the clan leader. The clan tax is 3%, and you will get paid when the leader says you are worthy for a rank up. Join us and you'll be glad you did! 

We are on server USA3 (east coast); please join.

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