Total Noob Takeover

No Clan Logo

Clan Name Total Noob Takeover
Server Must use abbreviations, see Servers
Company Unknown
Leader Unknown
Co-Leader None
Alliances None
At War Not At War

Ŧōtαł Nøøb Ŧαķέōvέя [ŦNŦ] Edit

Rules and Guidelines

Section 1 - PvP Policy Section 2 - Alliance Section 3 - Leaving/Joining Clan Section 4 - Payouts Section 5 - Ranks

Section 1: PvP Policy We do not attack anyone from the clan unless it is a planned PvP. We do not attack other MMO unless first fired upon. We do not attack allies unless first fired upon.

Section 2: Alliance We only Ally MMO clans unless made otherwise by Leader. We do not attack Alliances, even if they are a different company. If we see and Ally we help them if at all possible.

Section 3: Leaving/Joining Clan If any rules are broken you will be put on probation, then you will be removed from the clan. Any member may leave and come back if valid reason. Any level may join clan. Must be active to join clan Send message to the leader if you leave and plan on coming back.

Section 4: Payouts Payouts are done once a week. The amount is 10% of the weekly average. Payouts can be done at other times if necessary. Do not beg for credits, automatic probation. Payouts are the same for everyone. If you would like to stop recieving payouts please message the leader.

Section 5: Ranks You can increase your rank by being active, and helpful of other members. Do not rely on high rank members, they need time to themselves aswell. All ranks have same payout.

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