United Federation of Planets

Clan 579 5792

Clan Name United Federation of Planets
Server Unknown
Company Check Spelling, Not Valid Company
Leader Stargate190782
Co-Leader None
Alliances None
At War None
Site This is the Offical Site!

United Federation of Planets is clan founded by Stargate190782. The server is in USA 3 (East Coast). It was created in October 7, 2011. It's tag is [Star]. Currently there is no war or alliance yet.

Clan TextEdit

Hello! If you want to trade, rage war, or solve problems peacefully, this is the clan for you! Every friday members will be paid! So, come and join the United Federation of Planets now!


(We like to honor our members)

How To JoinEdit

*All you got to do is like what the rest of the clans do. Pay 50,000 Credits, tell something nice about you and your ship, your adventures, and then send. We will accept any applications! So join today! (If you don't have have a clan or don't like your old one) And once you join, you get 200,000 Credits! Maybe.


*Note that this wasn't made by the clan leader, but made by one of his friends!

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