[VRUM] VRU Militia

VRU Militia Logo

Clan Name [VRUM] VRU Militia
Server Unknown
Company Check Spelling, Not Valid Company
Leader Tanstorm
Co-Leader None
Alliances None
At War We are not at war.


If you want to join, search for "[VRUM] VRU Militia". Not "[VRUM] Venus Resources Unlimited Militia". Please note that this is a USA East 3 Clan.

Clan Info And RulesEdit

  • You do not have to login daily.
  • You do not have to fight when the VRUM fights. If you don't want to, we won't make you.
  • Please use readable english. A few "u"s and "2"'s is okay, but none of the "i haz 2 gt teh fe golis!!111".
  • Jackpots are every friday. Anyone can join. More about Jackpots Below
  • Our tax rate is 2%. This is subject to change.
  • Please do not fire upon members of the VRU.
  • Do not divide by 0. Doing so will result in possible universal failure and permanent banishment from the clan.


  • We hold a jackpot every friday.
  • All members are allowed to join in.
  • You choose a number, message Tanstorm, and then he will use to choose 5 of the numbers
  • Winner #1 Gets 45% of the taxes for the week.
  • Winner #2 Gets 15%
  • Winner #3 Gets 10%
  • Winner #4 Gets 3%
  • Winner #5 Gets 2%
  • Here is an example of what would happen:
    • If the clan made 24,187,076 In taxes, Here is what the winners would get
      • Winner 1: 10,884,184
      • Winner 2: 3,628,061
      • Winner 3: 2,418,708
      • Winner 4: 725,612
      • Winner 5: 483,742
      • Clan: 6,046,769
    • If the clan made 78,208,274 In taxes, Here is what the winners would get
      • Winner 1: 35,193,723
      • Winner 2: 11,731,241
      • Winner 3: 7,820,827
      • Winner 4: 2,346,248
      • Winner 5: 1,564,165
      • Clan: 19,552,070
    • If the clan made 7,160,661 In taxes, Here is what the winners would get
      • Winner 1: 3,222,297
      • Winner 2: 1,074,099
      • Winner 3: 716,066
      • Winner 4: 143,213
      • Clan: 1,790,166
    • As you can see, The more members our clan has, The more money from taxes, Then the more money jackpot winners get. So, if you can, invite a few of your friends to join. Make sure they say you recruited you, You get paid per person you recruit. Here is a list of recruit payouts:
      • For 1 Recruit to 10 Recruits: 5,000 Per Person
      • 11 Recruits to 20 Recruits: 10,000 Per Person
      • 21 Recruits to 30 Recruits: 15,000 Per Person
      • 31 Recruits and Up: 20,000 Per Person, and 2 Numbers for the jackpot.

Clan ApplicationEdit

  • Your application should contain information about your ship, level, and personality. You don't have to put anything, though.


  • Co-Owner: Manages the clan along with Tanstorm.( No Numbers in Jackpot)
  • Manager: Helps Manage small parts of the clan.(2 Numbers In Jackpot)
  • Diplomacy Manager: Manages diplomatic status with other clans.(2 Numbers in Jackpot)
  • Recruit Manager: Manages applications and recruits new members.(2 Numbers in Jackpot)
  • Senior Recruiter: People who have recruited more than 30 people to the clan.(2 Numbers in Jackpot)

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