Woteva Clan


Clan Name Woteva Clan
Server Must use abbreviations, see Servers
Company Venus Resources Unlimited
Leader whoeva
Co-Leader Everyone else
Alliances Lots
At War None at the moment!

We are a good, helpful and honest clan. We are not looking for wars. If any clans have issues with any of our members before resorting to war please contact:

whoeva (Clan Leader) or dy357lx2k (General).

Let us know what the problem is so we can deal with it!

We do not attack VRU without good reason and we don't attack nme in pirate maps unless in self defence or revenge strike.

We are a VRU GB2 clan who are looking for more experienced players to join us.

We are Currently Ranked 8th on the GB2 Servers.

Play fairly and with respect. Have fun.

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