Special Operations Forces 2

No Clan Logo

Clan Name Special Operations Forces 2
Server Must use abbreviations, see Servers
Company Mars Mining Operations
Leader TufguyMan2
Co-Leader TheBurr
Alliances Special Operations Forces Alliance 28.04.2013 -

East Coast Team Alliance 28.04.2013 - National Rifle Association Alliance 28.04.2013 - Special Operations Forces Temporary Team Alliance 08.06.2013 - Ungrateful destroyers. 2 Alliance 08.06.2013 - Awesome Cousin Clan - The Epic Drone Clan

At War RGB War (6) 09.06.2013 -

Þ√Þ→Σlite Ħunter← War (7) 10.06.2013 - HKM»Щê щêřê ßøŕή ŤØ ßé ₣ã๓õůś«HҠM



[ŚØF2] Special Operations Forces 2Edit

we are a clan on usa 3 east coast we have only 1 rule

Must be Active

if u want to join we are not recruiting FE ships u can be noobs (if u are FE feel free to join

so far we are ranked 50 and have 100 mill creds but if u are not active and we noticed without reason u will be kicked from clan but if we know u can ask the leader for credits.

by dyfurr

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