ECR east coast rulers

No Clan Logo

Clan Name ECR east coast rulers
Server USA 3 (East Coast)
Company Mars Mining Operations
Leader dyfurr
Co-Leader «¤BŁØØĐ¥•HΞŁŁ¤»™
Alliances Gamers Paradise.
At War EIC Clan.

All for EIC Lower Clan. we are eic


about usEdit

this is clan east coast rulers we do not accept hackers or botters we are an mmo  clan and only shoot mmo if needed (other words they make u mad or u 1v1 them). you have to be lvl 10 and up unles i say or u are my friend. our clan tax is 3% if you have a problem with that please tell me and ill arange it so we can change tax. when you join every 1 will be able to post on clan news and make clan messages you will also be able to have all clan battlestation right. if u have a problem with something or some 1 in the clan adress me not the co-leader to try to change it you may tell the co-leader if it is something small. please join and help us rank up and well help u if you need some credits ask either the co-leader or me DON'T take all our creds and leave if you do this clan will have a bounty on you and i dont think u want that. 

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