Cloak is the ability to become hidden from ally and enemy players, including aliens. After activating a cloak from a skill or an extra, the selected ship becomes invisible and can only be seen on the minimap. It is considered a major tactical advantage because you can remain cloaked for as long as you would like. A cloak is only removed once you attack, take EMP damage, or enter into the Pirate de-cloak mist. If you die or log out while being cloaked, the cloak will still remain on your ship. Furthermore, if you transfer to another ship (from a base, not using the Ship Warp) without logging off, your cloaking will be detected and removed.

Type of cloaks availableEdit

  • CL04K-MOD, has 1 cloak at 500 Uridium each
  • CL04K CPU, has 10 cloaks at 5,000 Uridium each
  • CL04K CPU XL, has 50 cloaks at 22,500 Uridium each
  • Spearhead, an elite ship that has a cloaking skill with a cooldown

Locating, locking onto, and destroying cloaked playersEdit

Cloaking is a major part of strategy. Not only because it can save you in the scariest of situations but can also turn the table on your opponents that are still unaware. To begin, most cloaked players are either boxing, on a quest that can be in enemy territory, or even to attack the most unaware of enemies. Most of the time you can easily spot a cloaked player using your minimap. The red dots that are shown are your best bets to locate a cloaked player. Avoid aliens and track red dots that show no player or alien in sight. You must first successfully achieve clicking on their ship by studying your minimap very frequently. After finding your first red dot that could be a cloaked ship, begin clicking repeatedly behind their trail in hopes of targeting their ship. You can also hover your mouse arrow all over the screen because once over a cloaked ship, the mouse will change from the arrow icon to the hand icon, indicating the player's exact location. After successfully locking onto, begin dealing as much damage as possible, just make sure they are not an ally ship!


  • Cloaking after using an EMP is a great strategy used to get away in the harshest conditions.

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