A Configuration is an item setup for a ship that contains basic ship features a player can edit, such as Weapons, Generators, Designs, Drones, and P.E.T. 10. Found in the Equipment screen, it contains an overview of the current ship and it's equipment. Every ship can have two configurations in total, giving an advantage to the most skilled of configurations.


There is a five second delay when switching between configurations.

Configuration typesEdit

These are the configuration types that are more commonly used, more do exist:


  • A ship containing nothing but shield generators on both generator slots and drone slots.
  • Good defense, but damage output and speed is low.


  • Most common setup, laser cannons and shield generators on drones.
  • Generator slots on ship are full of shield generators.
  • Speed is low.

Maximum damage:Edit

  • Drones have full laser cannons, generator slots have full speed generators.
  • Damage output is high, but no shields are active.
  • Moth (Drone Formation) is commonly used with this configuration as it gives more HP and 20% shield penetration. Since it also reduces shields by 1% a second, it is ideal for this configuration because this configuration has no shields.
  • This is also known as a "hit-and-run" configuration, where you try to damage your opponent as much as possible (before you die) while running to a portal.


  • Contains speed generators on ship and shield generators on drones.
  • This configuration is mostly used while travelling between maps, as you don't receive much damage on your hull, while you can go as quickly as you want. It doesn't have much damage output, but that doesn't matter, because you're just travelling.
  • Is mostly used with the Turtle (Drone Formation) or Heart (Drone Formation), as they give bonuses to health and shield, while lowering damage output (which you don't need).


  • Having two configurations, you can take advantage of shield bonus. Once first configuration is out of shields, switch configurations and have the second fully active (must have shield generators on both configurations).
  • Using advantage of the Hot Key "C" to switch between configurations much faster than pressing the icon.
  • Experiment on different configurations best suited to your fighting style.

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