This page is a​bout the Corsair alien. For the ship design, see Corsair (Design).

Corsair (Epsilon)

Corsair Alien

Hit points 200,000
Shield 120,000
Average Damage 7,500
Base Speed 380
Destroy Rewards

Corsair are fairly strong aliens that are hard to defeat. They are found in LoW, Epsilon Gate and Kappa Gate. A tactic that could really help is have a partner drag these around while the other attacks the Century Falcon.


  • The Corsair looks almost exactly like Century Falcon, only much smaller and weaker.
  • There is also a design called the Corsair for the Vengeance that can be bought for 100,000 Uridium. See also: Corsair (Design).

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The corsair is an alien that with an aegis is easy to defeat just put 8 best speed generators in you configuration and fill the rest with BO-2 and good luck ^^

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