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Cubikon spawning

2014 Edit

Official description from Forum Edit

Crazy Cubikon (stylized as CRAZY CUBIKON) is an event in which Cubes (Cubikon's) continuously spawn hundreds of Protegits non-stop.

This makes cubing extremely hard, but worth the uridium rewarded, If you can survive the continuous spawning of Protegits.

To get the best results from this event, do low amounts of damage to the cubikon so that the protegits continue to spawn, then use your P.E.T. kamikaze gear to destroy the protegits.

Questions and answers Edit

Q: Can more than one person shoot the cubikon at the same time? A: Yes the cubikon is a shared reward NPC.

Q: Is it best to kill the cubikon quickly during this event? A: No, to get more protegits you want to shoot the cubikon with low damage and let your P.E.T kill the protegits while you are damaging the cube.

Q: How effective is a P.E.T. Kamakazi on the protegits? A: The Kamikaze is very effective as long as you are continually shooting on the cubikon, you will receive the rewards for the protegit kills.

Q: Why is it so laggy during the Crazy Cubikon Event? A: There are many players that experience lag due to the large amount of graphics during this event.

Video Edit

Dark Orbit - Cubikon Crazy Free Farm PH08:00

Dark Orbit - Cubikon Crazy Free Farm PH

Video of the event, courtesy of YouTube user Yacine54.1

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