Cubikon Graveyard Map

Cubikon's Graveyard (also shown as ??? on the minimap) is a rare map that contains vast enemies of Cubikon and Uber Protegit aliens. It is considered difficult to enter this map and is done randomly or by chance.

How to Get There? Edit

There are 3 ways to get in the ???/Cubikon Graveyard.

With the Jump CPU Is the most used way. Second way is too use the Hiding portal/wormhole in 4-5.

Last way is an admin can put you in.

You cannot access the map if you have an active Cloak CPU on your ship. Once there, any Cloak CPU is disabled.

There is also an aura that slows your ship down, so it is recommended to set your ship in a very fast configuration without sacrificing your shields. 

If you do find yourself in this map, note that any drones you have do not take damage and repairs are free.

Rewards Edit

The benefit to entering this map is that you encounter many Bonus Boxes covering the entire map, the first containing exactly 1,000 UCB-100 ammo, after it will continously drop down to a point where you only receive LCB-10 ammo.

The two methods of exiting the map is either by using another Jump CPU 2 (if you are not being attacked by Uber Protegits which can be difficult), or by being destroyed.


  • Earlier versions of the this map only had Uber Protegits and no Cubikons.

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