DMG-B01 (Damage booster) is a booster that increases damage dealt by 10%. It is always available in the Shop to purchase. The damage increase gives you the advantage of 10% more damage dealt on both aliens and enemy player ships. The 10% damage boost is given to your lasers , your rockets and your P.E.T 10.

This booster can also stack with any other damage increasing booster, which can reach up to 25% and so on as you gain more damage boosters from other players or from boosters of different kinds.



  • Buy the booster only if you really need it and want to have an easier time destroying ships.
  • Try bidding for the damage booster before Mega Happy Hour starts so you can buy the DMG-B02 booster from the Shop.
  • Do not buy the booster if you are going to use it just for aliens.
  • Bid small bids on the booster in the trade shop during late and early hours of the day
  • You should consider bidding and buying the booster once your ship is mostly strong and dealing high damage so it will have a bigger damage boost


Here are a few examples of what difference the damage booster can do to the current amount of damage you already do:

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