Daily Login

Daily Login Bonus is a self explanatory term. Everyday you log into DarkOrbit, you receive a consecutive bonus (based on the chart above), starting at Bonus 1. From each daily login after that, the rewards rise until maxing out at Bonus 5, and once Bonus 5 is attained, you earn that same bonus as you continue to login everyday.


  1. 10,000 credits, 50 PLT-2026 rockets, 1 extra energy
  2. 300 MCB-25 ammo , 25,000 credits, 1 extra energy
  3. 50 PLT-2021 rockets, 1 Jump Credit, 1 extra energy
  4. 250 MCB-50 ammo, 1 repair credit, 1 extra energy
  5. 1 log-disk, 200 uridium, 1 extra energy

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