Dangers in DarkOrbit are found throughout the game and should not be taken lightly. If you are a new player or even experienced, the below dangers should be read to keep you up to date on what to expect in space.

Swarms of aliensEdit

Be especially careful to keep away from swarms of aliens. They can easily overwhelm you and leave you at very low HP. You are only able to attack one at a time so this limits you at a weakless position. A place to especially lookout for this are the Pirate Maps: 5-1, 5-2, and 5-3. A swarm of any aliens on that map are dangerous and should be dealt with safely. Another example is the -=Cubikon=- on x-6 maps, be carefull when being around when it's destroyed because you will be targeted and if your weak, even shot down.

Company killersEdit

Arguably the most notorious players of DarkOrbit, these players are people who attack and try to kill people from their own company. If you are in a relatively strong ship with decent equipment (not necessarily FE, but fairly strong) you should be able to beat most company killers in the lower maps but company killers in the upper maps are much stronger than those of the lowers, however you are much less likely to find company killers in the upper maps.

Outfit huntersEdit

These are people who join your outfit, take you out to a far away map that's away from others, then leave the outfit and start shooting you. This can be a form of company killing and is done for simply entertainment or to 'troll'.

Radiation zoneEdit

Radiation zones are one of the most notable dangers you face in the beginning of the game. They are the zones outside of the map that do not let you go any further because the zone starts damaging your ship by 10% of your max hp, doubling the further you go out. There is a quest that you must accomplish that requires you to head (5,000 feet?) out the radiation zone and return back in one piece.

Mothership aliens Edit

A somewhat obvious danger can be any mothership alien in the game. Ranging from the slow moving Cubikon to the fast paced Century Falcon, these aliens can take any player down regardless of elite status, due to the immense damage they contain and even worse if they release any other aliens to assist such as Protegits with the Cubikon.

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