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This is the FAQ for the Wikia. for an FAQ of the game itself, please read DarkOrbit

This FAQ is to answer questions about the DarkOrbit Wikia.

  1. What is DarkOrbit?
    DarkOrbit is a cross between a 2-D and 3-D MMORPG. For more information on the game, read the regular FAQ.
  2. What is a Wikia?
    Wikia are online databases set up in a way that anyone can edit any page! For more information, see the main Wikia page at w:Main Page.
  3. I want to help! How do I get started?
    If you are familiar with the MediaWiki:MediaWiki formatting, jump right in! If you aren't, read w:How to edit a page.
  4. The information on a page is wrong? Who do I contact to fix it??
    Anyone can edit any page, so you can fix it yourself! To learn more about editing pages, read w:How to edit a page. However, if you are unsure of how to do this, place a note on DarkOrbit:Requested fixes. Someone will look at it in due time.
  5. All of these articles are in English! Why can't I put French writing into the articles? It's a French game, after all.
    Those are all very good points, but this is the English Wikia. If you are interested in setting up a French Wikia for DarkOrbit, contact the administrators of Wikia.
  6. Where are the Kristallin? How do I find map 3-7?
    Ah, those are game questions. If your question relates to a popular item or quest, check out the articles on items and quests. If you still can't find your answer, try the Forum:Help desk, where you can ask questions, and other helpful editors will answer them in time. (Kristallin are aliens that in maps x-7 and 4-5, they will also be in glaxy gates, if specified, if uncertain, askin global chat or your company chat IN GAME)
  7. My ship is awesome! Can I make an article about it, or put its details in the article on Builds?
    No, again, if everyone were to post their character information, we'd have a hard time finding info. However, you can put personal info on your own User Page.

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