This page consists of information about Dark Orbit Administrators.

DarkOrbit Hunt with Admin Rank P04:55

DarkOrbit Hunt with Admin Rank P

Who are administrators? What can they do?Edit

Administrators are the people with special acounts and use the power to ban the guis ho killthem. They can edit all players' accounts.

Types Edit

There are various types of administrators available:

  • CM - Chat Moderator (low man on the totem pole) moderates chat

FM - Forum Moderator (low man on the totem pole)_moderates forums

S-MOD - Super Moderator - they have more responsibilities than the normal chat moderators and act as assistants to the Chat Admin or Forum Admin.  S-MOD's do not have ACP access (hence the definition of ACP being "Admin Control Panel".  Only Admin's have access to this.

-There is no MOD title that cruises around maps, those are Admins who act as managers of the moderators.

TM  - Ticket Moderator is not the admin in support, they are volunteers just like chat mods and forum mods, some may be admins (also volunteers only with more management responsibilities)

TA - Ticket Admin

CA - Chat Admin

BA - Board Admin

TL - Team Leader

GA - Game Admin - Big man/woman on campus - all Admins report to this person and GA will work WITH support but again, are only volunteers.

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