Welcome to the Dark Orbit Bible. Your journey into the vast reaches of space starts here.This is not meant to be read from top to bottom. Find what your looking for in the menu and follow the link. Remember this is only a guide. As the game develops we will have to make changes to this work. It will evolve as the game evolves. I hope it helps you all.

This page and sub pages were retired some time ago as there have been page changes to make finding what you want easier. You can find much more information throughout the Wikia, please just use the search bar or the Main page to find anything you need, and keep on editing! This page will remain as a memento, thank you for everything you have done, here, within the DarkOrbit universe, and outside in the real world as well. Rest in peace, WhiteLazer.

Dark Orbit- R.I00:29

Dark Orbit- R.I.P Whitelazer

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