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WhiteLazer Commander of the Forum [1] Join Date: 04.08.2009Location: Post UID!Posts: 2924 How do I increase my firepower ?----

Process raw materials (Ores).

Weapon upgrades:

1. Prometid: One unit will increase the firepower of lasers and rockets by 15% for 10 shots (up to 1000 shots can be improved). 2. Duranium: One unit will increase the generator performance of either the propulsion or shield by 10% for 10 minutes.
3. Promerium: One unit will increase the firepower by 30% or the generator performance by 20%.
4. Seprom: One unit will increase the firepower by 60% or the generator performance by 40%.You can also buy damage boosters which will increase your damage by 10%.
You can buy shared boosters on events, which will help even more.

Ammunition: (Ripped from Laser Battery page.)

The type of laser rounds you're using influences how much damage your lasers will do.

Laser Batteries

Cost per unit

(You need 1 unit for each lazer cannon on your ship and in drones.)

Damage multiplier
LCB-10 10 Credits x1 (weakest)
MCB-25 0.5 Uridium x2
MCB-50 1 Uridium x3
UCB-100 N/A
(only available from the Galaxy Gate Generator)
x4 (second strongest, only obtained from

Galaxy Gates, completion of galaxy gates, bonus boxes, and cubikon graveyard.)

RSB-75 5 Uridium x7.5 (the most powerful ammo. After 1 shot/volley it takes 3 seconds to recharge.)
SAB-50 1 Uridium Special: Drains target's shield and recharges the attackers. Does the same damage as x2.'

These threads will tell you about them:
>> Pro-Boosters <<
>> Boosters <<

Of course, you can purchase better equipment in the Hanger.
More weapons equals more power.---- Last edited by -›WhiteLazer‹- : 10.03.2010 at 18:02.


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