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WhiteLazer Commander of the Forum [1] Join Date: 04.08.2009Location: Post UID!Posts: 2924 How do I repair my ship.----

How can I repair my ship in space?

As long as the ship is not completely destroyed a repair-bot will repair your ship. Repair bots:*can be purchased in the hangar under extras
(Credits for the standard edition, uridium for the elite-edition)

  • Can be auctioned in the trade area (only elite-edition for credits)

Once purchased, the Repair-Bot will remain in your possession until another is purchased.
The repair bot can be used unlimited times.
After you've bought it, equip it on your ship and reload your spacemap.

How does the repair-bot work? It must be activated under the Extras section by clicking the Repair button.
The bot will repair the ship until it the HP is full.
This process must be repeated each time a repair is needed.

Unintended cancellation of the repair process: If the ship is moved or attacked, the repair bot will cancel the repair and must be reactivated (click on Repair).

What is a Repair-CPU? This chip will give the repair bot the ability to repair automatically.
If your ship stops, the bot will repair your ship automatically after 2 seconds.

What if my ship has 0 HP? If the ship is completely destroyed, you will not be able to travel through space.

Options are:
- Repair the current ship for 500 Uridium or use repair credits. (Repair credits will be used first.)
- Use credits to repair your credits ships, this will save your uridium and having to repair,
- You can also get a Free Ship called Phoenix, You can get this ship from the Hanger > Ship

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