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How to attack other enemies and players.----

You will often find yourself in situations where you will need to protect yourself, and find yourself more frequently in situations where you will need to attack.

Currently, there are two weapon categories available.*Laser and rockets. With both weapon categories you will require to target a ship, which is done by simply clicking on a target.
The target will receive a red circle and you will see the enemys hitpoints and shields.

Once the enemy has been targeted you can press Ctrl or spacebar to fire upon them.

If you press Ctrl, your ship will attack continuously until either the ammunition has run out or the enemy has been destroyed.
You can press Ctrl to stop an attack also.
Pressing the spacebar will fire only a single shot.
Try pressing Ctrl and then fire several rockets.

Tip: Under Extras you will find a Rocket Booster and Auto Rocket-Fire, which will result in a faster firing rate for your rockets!

Tip: Begin with a laser attack and fire a rocket while your lasers are going.
Make sure that you have (enough) ammo before firing your weapons.

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