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How to make a trace-route of your connection----

In order to be able to offer you the best possible connection, we do need your help.
By doing the following steps and sending us the result, we can see where and if the connection-path could be optimized.
Please send us the result by contact form via your backpage.

It is important, that you are letting us know the city your are in and the Internet-Provider you are connected to as well as what kind of connection you have... (Modem, DSL, etc...)
Below is the full instructions on how to do this:

First click on the start button:

Then you'll find the Run tab either on your menu or in the control panal:

A new box will open, type cmd in the box to open the command programme:

Once open you'll need to enter, Tracert if you want to tarce the US server:

Once you've done that press enter and the trace route will take place:

This is your trace route, now highlight all of this and press copy, this will be easy to send to support and let them know of your trace route.
If any needs optimising they will know and let you know.

Also, other things can help us help you with your problems.
Visit these two websites below:

This will help us greatly to look into your problems further.

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