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How to move about and controls. (keyboard shortcuts)----

To move around in the map is really easy, you just click on the map and the ship will move, if you want to keep it going in a special direction keep the left button pressed.
If you want to travel longer distances you can click on the small/mini map (shown below), the ship will move accordingly, the blue line shows where you are travelling too.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • 1 to 0 are your own personal shortcuts. (see new client bible​, you can change the shortcuts as you please)
  • Ctrl button is to shoot once select enemy
  • Spacebar is to fire your rockets
  • F is to check your FPS (Frames Per Second)
  • C key is to change your configuration (takes 5 seconds to change back)
  • M will drop mines for you
  • J is to jump portals
  • H is to hide your HUD Menus
  • E is to activate/deactivate your P.E.T. in passive mode
  • R is to activate your P.E.T. in guard mode

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