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Group Outfit System FAQ----

To start off in this very new cool feature you'll need some members in your group.
To do this click on the person ship you wish to invite, and send them an invite:
You can only invite up to four users to the Outfit Group, 5 including you.
The picture below explains this;

Once the name shows up the in the space, you'll click the box highlighted red.
To stop people inviting you, click the box highlighted yellow and then again to allow invites.
To cancel someone that you have invited, click the box highlighted in blue.

Once a player has accepted the invited the following box will show up, (minus the numbers):

  1. Ship Type (will change to the ship that user is)
  2. Hitpoints and Shields. (mouse over then will tell you their current HP/Shields)
  3. Clicking this will make you leave that current outfit group you're in
  4. You can click this to allow all users to be able to invite other members.
  5. You can click this and click the mini-map and a green blimp will flash, this is to show the other users where you would like to go or where you are
  6. This will allow you to follow a member in the same map (explained below)
  7. You can choose someone else as the leader by clicking this then choosing the person you wish to lead
  8. You may kick out members by this button
  9. This will show what they are currently shooting or locked onto.

You will only see all 9 options above if you are the Outfit Leader. If you're just a normal member in the group you will only see 3 to 5 options above.

To follow some correctly to the place where they are in the same map, you'll need to click option 6 above and their name:

The yellow shows the person I want to follow, once selected your ship will automatically go to the place where they are at.

You can now check who is cloaked within your Outfit Users, the below shows:

The ship image within the white box shows that this person is now cloaked.

The follow image shows the person cloaked and that he has lock on me:

The box to right of the HP/Shields shows he has lock on me.

Don't worry about being in the same map as other users because you will be able to see what map they are in, whether they are attacking someone or just chilling.

While getting attacked or attacking a users ship symbol will change color to red:

As you can see this is now red, you might want to keep an eye on this if you get split up.
They may need your help.

To see someone is in your Group by just looking at them their names will turn yellow, the picture below shows how this looks:

As soon as you join a Outfit Group you'll be automatically sent to the Group Chat that will open up:

Only the people in your group will be able to chat in here.
You can move all to the other chat if you want to as well.

Of course this isn't everything about the Outfit System, you can share Aliens kills. The full extent of this is, If there is 2 people in your group and you're both shooting the Alien it will be red for both of you and the rewards will be halved between you both and the cargo will show for both of you as well. Remember the more members the more the rewards will have to be shared out.

This will be very helpful for quests as well. If you have 2 members with the same quests, for example: kill 10 Streuner , you'll both get the kill for the quest on just killing one streuner.

Also remember you cannot shoot your own Outfit Members, you are just not allowed.

Most important thing to remember is you will not share Player kills.
The kill may look like yours, but only the cargo will show up to all your Outfit members if your shooting the same person.
They will not count towards quests, only if it is your kill.---- Last edited by -=≡{Gaze†Xfire}≡=- : 20.0382014 at 01:24. Reason: Spelling and Misinformation.

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