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New Client Bible!----

Pictures are here to help it easier to understand.



Ship Details: [1]

- Your Ships Hit Points [2]

- Your Ships Shields [3]

- Your Ships Cargo Bay [4]

- Your Ammunition Count [5]

- Your Rocket Count [6]

- Your Current Configuration [7]


User Details: [1]

- Experience [2]

- Level [3]

- Honor [4]

- Credits [5]

- Uridium [6]

- Jackpot Money Collected


Mini-Map Details: [1]

- Current Map & Position

[2] - Zoom In or Out

[3] - Line of sight (Shows you where your going)

[4] - Threat Indicator


Moving & Closing Windows:

[1] - Each window has its own symbol.

If you click this symbol it will close the window for you 

[2] - If you click and drag on each windows blue top bar,

you can move these around the screen for effect


Closing All Windows:

  • To close all windows at once press the "H" Button/Key
  • This will group all the group symbols together to the left of your screen
  • Click each symbol seperately or press the "H" button/key


  • These are you booster icons.
  • You can change the view of them from 10%
  • To a bar by click on it the same as your Ship Details section.


[1] - If you click and drag on this circle it will resize the box (Works for chat box also) [2] - Log of your actions Main11

[1] - Padlock to open/close weapon slots.(see below for details)

[2] - Logout Button

[3] - Help Section

[4] - Settings

[5] - Sell Resources (at base)

[6] - Instant Repair (at base)

[7] - Updating equipment with Ores (see below for details)

[8] - Jup Portal The below picture shows you how to upgrade you Lazer/Rockets/Engines/Shields and how to refine by click the Rocket Icon above (7). Newlab


[1] - Lazer Selection

[2] - Rocket Selection

[3] - Explosives (Mines - Smartbombs - Insta Shields)

[4] - CPUs (Robots & Extras)

[5] - You can buy ammo from this section (Credits & Uridium)

[1] - New 10 Slot Feature [2] - Same as section above, Will explain further

I'll take the time to explain these 2 new features.
To use the new 10 slots available follow the steps below:*Click on the padlock to unlock it (top right of screen)

  • Doing this opens number [1].
  • Now to add your most used weaponry.
  • Open & select which ammo (x4) you would want, once done Click & Drag the symbol to one of the free spaces in the 10 slot.
  • Now you should have the ammo you selected in a free space ready to use quickly
  • You can move anything else to the remaining 9 slots (Repair bot, Configs, Rockets, etc)
  • To use the things you've put in the 10 slots, all you need to do is press the number according to the slot it is in. The number is just below item.

Now, if you wish to move these about for you personal effect.

  • Click on the little Arrow(s) and drag to where you would like
  • Once you have filled you 10 slots and placed them where you would like, click on the padlock again locking them in place.
  • The 10 slot will stay where ever you placed it when you logout, but the yellow selection menu will go back to the original place each time.
  • You can move it back each time you login.

Additional Information: [1] - Drones*You can move your drones to your liken. Just scroll with your mouse on the map and watch them move in and out

  • They stay like this when you jump ports and logout.

[2] - Additional Keys to use*Pressing the F button will now show you FPS (Frames per second), Memory being used and what focus you're at.


[3] - Screen Size

  • Please remember to check your own screen resolution, then you can set the Dark Orbit space map to the closest to that:

Then click the resolution you wish:

And click save. __________________ click to return

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