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The honor and the honor points.----

Explanation what honor is for and the benefits.

How do I get honor ? By killing Aliens
By killing ships of other companies
By killing ships from your company only when at war
By killing ships from your company only if they shoot you first
By completing galaxy gates.

Outlaws who want to get back to plus honor should try the quest "An offer you can't refuse"
This is only available if you have -500 or less.

What are my benefits of honor? More credits for sold resources.
Calculation resource price : * (1 + Honorpoints / 500.000).
Maximum is x 2 (Double basic price).

If you get 500.000 honor it doubles the price.

this means :
Prometium: 50,000 honor = +1 Credit
Endurium : 33.333 honor = +1 Credit
Terbium : 20.000 honor = +1Credit
Prometid + Duranium: 2.500 honor = +1 Credit
Promerium : 1.000 honor = +1 Credit

How does honor work for my ranking ? Honor is calculated 1/100 for the "Hall of Fame“ (EXP/1000 + Honor/100),
100.000 honor points are 1.000 ranking points.

What else affects honor ? Negative honor lowers your attack damage :
Honor < -200 = 10% lower damage (90% basic damage)
Honor < -500 = 20% lower damage (80% basic damage)
Honor < -1000 = 40% lower damage (60% basic damage)
Honor < -2000 = 70% lower damage (30% basic damage)
Honor < -10000 = 90% lower damage (10% basic damage)

How do I loose honor ?
By killing you own company.
- When not in war or shoot at first.

It looks like this:

1. Kill: -100 honor
2. Kill: -200 honor
3. Kill: -400 honor
4. Kill: -800 honor
5. Kill: -1600 honor

and so on.....

2.) Cargo box stealing

It looks like this:

1. Theft -10 honor
2. Theft -20 honor
3. Theft -40 honor
4. Theft -80 honor

It will double each time.

That system has no limt and killing friendlies will really hurt at some point.
The only situation where this doesn't apply is when the opponent has less then -500 honor already.
There will be no punishment if you kill a friendly who is in a clan you are in war with.
After 24 hours your climbing punishment will decrease by one step, that will go for Cargo stealing as well as company kills.
Minus honor will not be included into the company ranking.
Killing a friendly when he started the fight will not be punished.
Players who have less then -500 honor will be labeled as "Outlaw" on the space map with a new rank symbol (Shown below).

Note: No deduction of honor if the ship is -500 or less when moving companies.

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