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The raw materials (ores) and the refinery.----

What sorts of resources are there?

There are 7 types of resources:
- 4 (raw) resources:Promethium (red),
Endurium (blue),
Terbium (yellow),
Xenomit (silver, only to be bought or from certain Aliens)- 3

Processed resources:Edit

Prometid (pink),
Duranium (green),
Promerium (yellow/orange)

How do I receive resources?

1. Promethium, Endurium, Terbium
Collect: They float in space, which you collect by your ship.
- Map X-1: Promethium, Endurium
- Map X-2: Promethium, Endurium, Terbium
- Map X-3 / X-4: Endurium, Terbium

2. Xenomit
Can be auctioned with credits or bought instantly with Uridium in the store.
Certain Aliens may also drop xenomit.

3. Prometid, Duranium, Promerium?
Process: these resources can be processed by the 4 raw materials mentioned above.
The recipes can be found in the Hangar under the Laboratory.
You can get any resources from cargos also, from Ships (not xenomit) and Aliens.

4. Seprom?
For all information on Seprom please see this guide:
>> SkyLab Guide for seprom <<

Where are resources stored? All resources are always in the cargo hold of your ship.
The stored amount can be seen in the lab. Resources can be lost if your ship is destroyed.
Xenomit is special as it can be obtained by shooting down spaceships, which however is not always the case.

What can I do with resources?- Sell them for credits (see "how to sell cargo")
- Process in the lab
- Upgrade your weapon with processed resources.

What are the advantages for processing resources, selling and weapon upgrades? - Processing results in less cargo space requirements (as more raw materials are processed into less processed ore). - Selling processed resources will result in less income than selling the required raw resources.

Weapon upgrades:

1. Prometid: one unit will increase the firepower of lasers and rockets by 15% for 10 shots (up to 1000 shots can be improved).
2. Duranium: one unit will increase the generator performance of either the propulsion or shield by 10% for 10 minutes.
3. Promerium: one unit will increase the firepower by 30% or the generator performance by 20%.
4. Seprom: one unit will increase the firepower by 60% or the generator performance by 40%.

The below picture shows you how to upgrade you Lazer/Rockets/Engines/Shields and how to refine by clicking the Rocket Icon.

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Skylab Tutorial

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