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Galaxy Gate Delta

The Delta Gate is the fourth Galaxy Gate that consists of normal aliens. Some experienced players can finish it without much difficulty. Strength varies in the Delta Gate as indicated below in the wave list:

  • x2 means double strength, rewards and cargo.
  • x3 means triple strength, rewards and cargo.
  • x4 means quadruple strength, rewards and cargo.
  • ISH means that certain aliens use Insta-Shield, rendering it invincible until the smaller aliens protecting it are destroyed.

128 parts are needed to build this Galaxy gate.

Alien waves

Wave 1:

Wave 2:

Wave 3:

Wave 4:

Wave 5:

Wave 6:

Wave 7:

Wave 8:

Wave 9:

Wave 10:


Video of the Delta Gate

DarkOrbit Delta Gate12:11

DarkOrbit Delta Gate

A rather epic representation of a pilot doing Delta.

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