This map is called Devolarium attack similar to galaxy gates you get to complete it once during creation of new account. It gives starters the basics of galaxy gates which consists of no less than 9 waves ending with 3 Boss Saimons and 1 damaged (Without shield) and 50% hp Devolarium.The portal appears as you take the quest on map X1.The portal and Map theme are same as LOW portal without the maze factor. although looking hard for beginners it is nothing to be feared as the strongest enemy within it is the Devolarium.

The waves are as follows:

  1. Streuners + 1 Boss Streuner
  2. Lordorkias + 1 Boss Saimon
  3. Saimons + 1 Mordon
  4. Boss Saimons + 1 Devolarium (50% hp, no shield)

Rewards for completing Devolarium attack. 300 RSB-75 laser ammo. LF-2 laser 2 log-disks 5,000 Uridium

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