Diminisher Goliath

The Diminisher is an elite skill design for the Goliath. Not only does it give your ship a completely new look, but it also lets you weaken your enemy's shield with the "Weaken Shield Ability" in which your enemy's will take 50% more damage (Note that this ability can't be countered with EMP-01). The damage distribution will remain the same but you can reach their hull much quicker with this design. The after effect will consist of a 30% reduction of YOUR shield strength. Along with that, you dish out an extra 5% more damage to enemy ships.


This design costs 250,000 Uridium in the Shop and is available in Auction in the weekly tab, but can also be attained at random through Pirate Booty (RARE!).

In-game DescriptionEdit

This design doesn't just change the look of your Goliath Battlecruiser. Use its "Weaken Shield" ability to increase damage to enemy shields by 50%, though your shield's strength will be reduced by 30% once the effect wears off. Not only that, but you'll also do an extra 5% damage.

Trivia Edit

  • Weaken Shield ability lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Weaken Shield ability has a 1 minute, 30 seconds cool down.
    • With both cool down boosters it is capable of having a 45 second cool down.

For more information, please visit the Skill Design page

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