Hit points 1,700,000
Shield 1,500,000
Average Damage 15,000-17,000
Base Speed 200
Destroy Rewards
Official Description
Exp, Credits, Uridium and Honor depends on which map you are in, Also HP,Sheild and Damage.

The Disguisor is a new special alien released in 2013 for the Mardi Gras event. It shoots bombs that will attach to ships attacking it, damaging ships in the affected ship's radius. It shoots about 16k per laser shot, and the bomb varies in damage. The first bomb that is launch hits around 150k, following bombs slowly decreases in damage. It changes shape, disguising its self. More research is being put into this new alien. The Disguiser is having different HP in each sector from X-2 - X-8. The Disguisor is same as Binary Bot 110101, except for its bombs: the new feature.

It all depends on the map it's located, and if there is any help or not.



One tactic is firing from the demilitarized zone. Even though you lose attack protection after firing, the Disguisor will not fire stick bombs (although it will fire the bomb at any incoming ship). You will still receive laser damage and bomb damage.


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