A Drone formation is a certain setting you can apply to your active drones that forms them into a certain stance around your ship, each with its own stat bonus but at the cost of reducing some other stat. Some drone formations only work with six or more active drones, others if you have four or more. They are permanent once purchased and can be switched instantly once in-game. They are available in the Shop to purchase with both Credits and Uridium.

Turtle Formation Icon Arrow Formation Icon Star Formation Icon Double Arrow Formation Icon Pincer Formation Icon
Diamond Formation Icon Chevron Formation Icon Moth Formation Icon Crab Formation Icon Heart Formation Icon
Dome formation Barrage Formation Icon Lance Formation Icon Bat Formation Icon Drill formation
Ring formation Veteran formation Wheel formation Wave formation X formation
Drone formation Icon (stance) Cost Effect + Effect ++ Effect -
Turtle Turtle Formation Icon 1,000,000 credits + 10% shield power - 7.5% damage
Arrow Arrow Formation Icon 1,000,000 credits + 20% rocket damage - 3% laser damage
Lance Lance Formation Icon 25 friend invites during the Friend Invite Event
Not obtainable in the shop.
+ 50% mine damage No Drawback!
Star Star Formation Icon 75,000 Uridium + 25% rocket damage + 33% Rocket Launcher reload time
Pincer Pincer Formation Icon 100,000 Uridium + 3% damage to other players + 5% Honor - 10% Shield Penetration
Double Arrow Double Arrow Formation Icon 75,000 Uridium + 10% Shield penetration - 20% Shield power
Diamond Diamond Formation Icon 100,000 Uridium + Shield regenerates 1% of the maximum shield per second (max of + 5000) - 30% less HP
Chevron Chevron Formation Icon 75,000 Uridium + 50% rocket damage - 20% less HP
Moth Moth Formation Icon 100,000 Uridium + 20% shield penetration + 20% HP - 1% shield every second
Crab Crab Formation Icon 100,000 Uridium + 20% shield absorption -20% Speed
Heart Heart Formation Icon 100,000 Uridium + 10% shield + 20% HP - 5% laser damage
Barrage Barrage Formation Icon 100,000 Uridium + 5% laser damage to Aliens + 5% EP - 15% Shield absorption
Bat Bat Formation Icon 125,000 Uridium
Not obtainable in the shop.
+ 8% damage to Aliens + 8% EP from Alien Kills - 15% Speed
Dome Dome formation 150,000 Uridium Shield points are increased by 30% and regenerate by 0.5% per second

Cooldown times for rockets and rocket launchers are reduced by 25%

Laser damage and speed are both reduced by 50%
Drill Drill formation 150,000 Uridium Laser damage is increased by 20% Speed is reduced by 5%
Ring Ring formation 150,000 Uridium Shield points are increased by 120% Speed is reduced by 5%

Laser damage is reduced by 25%

Cooldown times for rockets and rocket launchers are increased by 25%.

Veteran Veteran formation 150,000 Uridium Honor is increased by 20% Laser damage, hit points, and Shield all decreased by 20%
Wheel Wheel formation 150,000 Uridium Speed is increased by 5% Laser damage is reduced by 20%

Drains shields by 5% per second.

Wave Wave formation 4,950,000 Credits None None None
X X formation 300,000 Credits + 5% laser damage to Aliens

+5% XP in PVE

+8% HP No dmg in PVP

No honor from all sources

Vant numbers:Edit

The vants have assigned numbers to fullfil a slot in a vant formation, for example:

Vant formation numbers

Trivia Edit

  • On June 2nd, 2015, Bigpoint released seven new 3D drone formations increasing the total formations available to 13.

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