ECO-10 hellstorm rocket

ECO-10 is a credit bought hellstorm rocket which can only be used with one of the available rocket launchers. This rocket can deal a moderate amount of damage and is not too expensive only costing 1,500 Credits each rocket, and always available in the Shop.

Details Edit

Loading the rocket launcher is simple, You click on the rockets icon in-game, scroll to the right and once you find the rocket launcher with three or five unlit lights, you click it until fully loaded with whatever hellstorm rocket is selected.

  • A single rocket deals on average 2,000 damage to enemy players and aliens.
  • With the HST-1, the damage is up to 6,000 hp; with the HST-2, the damage is up to 10,000 hp.
  • It isn't wise to rely on ECO-10 rockets too much. They earn less than what they cost unless you are fighting Kristallons.

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