Elite Symbol

Elite is a common term that is used to describe items such as ammunition (UCB-100 for example) or even a ship (like the Citadel) that are known to be stronger in quality, but even in price. These items are considered "elite" simply because they are harder to obtain and only cost the most notable currency, Uridium.

What is considered elite?Edit

  • The Citadel, an elite shipGo to Citadel
  • Elite ammunition, RSB-75Go to RSB-75

Although not every player can be considered elite simply because the items they may have equipped could be just standard Credit bought weapons and defense. Below should help you understand where elite could be found:

  • By purchasing Uridium directly through a sort of payment should help begin or boost your elite status.
  • Once you have Uridium one way or another, you have access to elite items in the Shop to purchase, make sure they have the orange logo as shown above which mark it elite.
  • If you want to avoid paying, a popular method is called boxing to earn Uridium free but would take longer.
  • Auction holds an alternate method to bid on elite items available using only Credits.
  • Much Pirate Booty found occasionally has random elite items and can even hold a Skill Design.

Alternate elite versionsEdit

If you are not just elite yet, there are other forms of being elite just named differently depending on your equipment and ship.

  • Sub-Elite: common equipment that is usually only costing Credits, click on link for more info.
  • Full-Elite: non-common equipment that is elite by costing Uridium, click on link for more info.
  • Ultra-Elite: rare equipment and even a P.E.T. 10 that are elite plus housing full Apis and Zeus drones, with designs, click on link for more info.


  • Being elite is not required, you can pay real money at your own risk, recommended during a Happy Hour, but it is all about having fun one way or another.