Emperor Kristallon

Emperor Kristallon

Hit points 14,080,000
Shield 11,100,000
Average Damage ~40,000 + 300,000 (*2)
Base Speed ~350
Destroy Rewards

The Emperor Kristallon is one of the strongest Aliens in DarkOrbit Reloaded, along with the Emperor Lordakium and Emperor Sibelon. To destroy this alien, it is recommended to have eight Aegis'.


The Emperor Kristallon is found only in the Hades Galaxy Gate, as part of Stage 3. It is accompanied by two Uber Kristallons.

Emperors might have the ability to warp around the map, an ability similar to the Hitac's.


Regular Ore Premium Ore
Prometium Endurium Terbium Prometid Duranium Promerium Xenomit
2,560 2,560 2,560 0 1,024 128 128


  • (*2) Sticky-Bomb: around every 30 seconds it throws a Sticky-Bomb which inflicts 300,000 Damage. If the users are close together, they can split the Damage.
  • Static Charging: If the users have inflicted around 1,280,000 Damage on the Emperor Kristallon's HP it starts a shock-wave that polarizes the users' ships. If a "+" comes near to a "-" they will suffer 20,000 Damage on their HP. At the same time, the Kristallon's own HP will be healed by 20,000 HP.


It is highly recommended to have at least two Aegis' in the group while fighting the Emperor Kristallon. Since it spawns with two Uber Kristallons, they should be the main focus of the group before engaging the Emperor Kristallon with one player distracting it. The Emperor Kristallon can hit for 50,000 with it's normal attack, however it can also launch missiles that cause 12,000 damage. Also, it will attack anyone and not only the player hitting the most hence the importance of the Aegis. The Sticky-Bomb can hit multiple players if they are too close to each other, however the damage can be nullified if one uses Insta-Shield before the explosion. Take note that the ability of the Spectrum can't decrease the damage done by the bomb. The static charging lasts for about one minute, and can be deadly since the players can't come to each other (if they have opposing signs) to be healed or to heal. Luckily, the Emperor Kristallon does not recover health, but it's shield can replenish if the players stop hitting it for a certain amount of time, just like any other alien. The movement of the Emperor Kristallon seems random at times, not exactly following a player, pretty much like an Ice Meteoroid but with longer range, this, however, only happens when there are more than one person shooting it. Since it has a lot of HP and shields, you should be prepared for a long fight. Just like with any other alien, having heavy firepower and a good amount of Aegis ships, can make the battle with the Emperor Kristallon be a lot easier. You must also be aware of lag during the fight. If you lag, you can be destroyed.

Trivia Edit

The Emperor Kristallon, nor any of the other Emperors give Prometid at all.

Kristallon emperor

Emperor Kristallon's ship.