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Upcoming events
An Event is when a game or certain occasion takes place usually around a holiday or when Bigpoint announces something new. You can usually tell that an event is taking place because on the Home page there are many notices like pop-ups, the company newsletter, and even the upcoming events column on the right (as shown by the pic).

Rewards Edit

As for game events, you can win many different rewards depending on the event played, plus if your whole company teams together and ends up winning, you could win an even greater reward. You earn the bonus for the next day and forward if your company wins, here are some of the prizes:

  • 5% bonus when selling cargo for the company for x amount of time after the event
  • 2% extra from bonus boxes for the company for x amount of time after the event

The prizes are not always exact and change. Some events can also just be for fun (or an update) and have no rewards at all.

New and old eventsEdit


Galaxy gates

Halloween events

Christmas events/Winter events

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