This page is a place where many can contribute some Extra CPU's that they think of. It is not real in the game itself, it is just a page where many people can create CPU's of their own ideas. This page is created by Whal3Fail123.

Please do not post random things. You may post Extras in the same format I did, if you please.

[Nyx - TR4NS] Nyx Transmitter CPU (Cost: 8,000 Uridium) - This CPU extra will allow you to complete any quests that Nyx gives you. The difference between the CPU and the Nyx spaceship is that the CPU version allows you to start the quests in a different space map so you don't have to return to your own home base to start any new quests. Great if you are lazy or have low speed so that you don't have to travel far and wide just to accept a Nyx quest. Only one of these items is allowed per configuration.

[HST- T01] HST Launcher Turbo (Cost: 15,000 Uridium) - Doubles HellStorm launcher firing and reload speed. Only one of these items is allowed per configuration.

[AM/RB - CPU] Combined Ammo Buy Assistant (Cost: 50,000 Uridium) - Combines the AM-CPU and RB-CPU. You are able to select 1 laser type. If you have less than 1,000 shots of this laser type, the CPU automatically buys 10,000 shots. You are also able to select 2 rocket types. If you have less than 100 of any of these rocket types, the CPU will automatically buy 500 more rockets. Only one of these items is allowed per configuration.

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