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The Flax is a starter drone with only one slot. You can equip Laser Cannons, Shield Generators, and Extras. It is the only drone that cost Credits. This drone is seen to be only for beginners and is not recommended if you want to be an Full Elite player, but should be used until you have Iris drones.


Drones can NOT equip any speed generators. You can only equip what is stated above.

BD-01 F


Flax level 6

These are the prices for the Flax drone. The prices double everytime you purchase a new one.

Total Cost (all Flax drones)= 25,500,000 Credits


  • You shouldn't buy all 8 Flax drones. You should only have about 6 Flax; afterwards it is better to start bidding or purchasing Iris drones.
  • Unfortunately, since the update you can no longer sell a Flax drone for 2 million credits.


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