BD-01 F

The Flax battle drone is a bot that has only one available slot. In that slot can be equipped any kind of laser cannon, shield generator, or extra to boost your ship in damage or hp. It is the only available drone that costs Credits. The Flax is usually for beginners due to it being easily attainable and only having one slot.

Cost of the Flax droneEdit

Flax level 6

Depending on how many drones are equipped, the price after the first one increases.

  • 1st drone: 100,000 Credits
  • 2nd drone: 200,000 Credits
  • 3rd drone: 400,000 Credits
  • 4th drone: 800,000 Credits
  • 5th drone: 1,600,000 Credits
  • 6th drone: 3,200,000 Credits
  • 7th drone: 6,400,000 Credits
  • 8th drone: 12,800,000 Credits

A Drone cannot equip a speed generator! Only what is stated above.


  • After having all 8 Flax drones after sometime, consider to begin bidding on an Iris battle drone to replace your Flax drones.
  • Unfortunately, since the update you can no longer sell a Flax drone for 2 million credits.
    Flax Icon.old

    The Flax drone before a visual update.

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