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Full-Elite (commonly known as FE) is a ship status slang term given to player's ship's which have nothing but Elite equipment. It is one big step down from an Ultra-Elite ship and is the middle of ship status, being 2 of 3.

In particular, a FE ship consists of:

If you put all lasers on drones with LCB-10 ammo you will deal around 4650 damage and if you put all shields on ship and drones you will have 360000 shield (without Seprom or Boosters or have any pilot points on the Skill Tree and assuming you use a Goliath and Citadel respectively). Full elite is a vague term and can refer to anyone between the status of Ultra-Elite and Sub-Elite. They don't necessarily have to have any pilot points.

Visual Full-Elite cluesEdit

  • A ship equipped with full LF-3 lasers shoot blue when using LCB-10 or MCB-25 and shoot green lasers when using MCB-50. (Other laser battery ammo types appear as the same with other lasers. Ships fully equipped with LF-4 shoot red lasers. Do not rely on the color of a ship's Lasers to gauge the Damage it can inflict. A Goliath ship equipped with 14 LF-3 and 1 LF-2 will shoot red lasers, but can still cause about the same damage with 15 LF-3s.
  • A Full-Elite player will have all 8 of their Iris drones in various formations around their ship (As always they don't necessarily need to have drone formations). If a player has all 8 Iris drones, it is highly likely that he/she is Full-Elite.
  • Some Full Elite players have got Pilot Bio visual effects e.g. a bubble when locking on a person or fatter lasers when the person is shooting (As always they don't need to have any visuals).

Becoming Full-EliteEdit

  • Unless you are a wallet warrior and can dish out a lot of cash, do not expect to become full-elite in a few days. It will take a lot of time, determination and patience.
  • It is necessary to use the Auction function to bid for elite items in order to save Uridium for other purposes.
  • Boxing can yield you 20, 50, or 100 Uridium depending on your luck. Boxing can also yield you elite laser batteries. Only the MCB-25, MCB-50, and SAB-50 ammunition are available to obtain. Also on special events other elite ammunition are also available to obtain, depending on what is given out.
  • Do multiple quests to receive rewards, such as Uridium and laser cannons (specifically the LF-3 and LF-4 later on).